“You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of Your presence and the pleasures of living with You forever… When I awake, I will see You face to face and be satisfied.” –Psalm 16:11, 17:15

Moments before the teens arrived for True Love Waits last Friday, my whole body began to drown in what felt like a sea of sickness. After pushing through to reach out to the youth, I eventually had to lie down and find a local South African friend to take me home from the church. I ended up being sick in bed for the next seven days.

After two visits to the emergency room, six prescription medications, two over-the-counter medications, having my blood drawn, getting hooked up to a drip with two other medications, and a full week’s worth of bed rest – I was finally feeling better!

Though I delight in pouring over Scripture and writing out my prayers, attempting to do anything literate made me incredibly nauseous. I wasn’t even able to verbally share the things on my heart, because I had no company to converse with. Physically-speaking, it was a rough week, but spiritually-speaking, it was a refreshing retreat.

Instead of utilizing different avenues to draw near to the Lord, I had to simply tune into the Spirit who reigns within me. God used each breath of sickness to show me how to delight in HIM. Granted, it is important to dive into Scripture and journal one’s thoughts, but it cannot compare to the greatness of getting lost while staring into the face of Jesus.

Just like the Psalms say, as God awakened me from countless naps during the days and nights, I realized my healing was not dependent on the medications I was taking, but my satisfaction could only be found by looking straight into the face of Christ.

After 2011’s week of death (exaggeration), I was blessed with the chance to spend the weekend with the Even family. I am so grateful God has made me feel like a daughter to David and Liz, and a sister to Matthew, Grace, and Andrew. It was absolutely splendid to be able to enjoy the company of a family whom God has given such deep love and wisdom.

Again, just as the Psalms say, I felt an abnormal amount of joy from simply being in the presence of the Lord, and He seemed to shower me with His direction and desires for my life throughout the weekend. I intentionally did not bring my journal with me so I would spend more time dwelling on the Word of God and resting at His feet.

This weekend God answered several of my prayers in a supreme fashion I would have never anticipated. I found myself both energized and in awe of the work of His hands. He made His commands and callings clear to me, and gave me a peaceful acceptance and desire to move forward in obedience to His will.

After such a trying week, God gave me a weekend to treasure. The Holy Spirit spent the whole week preparing my soul to discern and receive the radical messages He had for me this weekend.

How often do we leave everything at the Cross and fall into the arms of Jesus? Not often enough. Why do I sometimes get so caught up in all I am doing for God, I lose sight of all He has done for me?

Friends, join me in asking God to help us seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness. We cannot direct our thoughts toward our King on our own, but He will center our thoughts on His character when we let go and intentionally give Him the control He has always had in our lives.


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