This Love

So much love. All around. I’m drenched in the love of Christ. There is nowhere I can step where his love is not.

His love knows no bounds. His love heals. His love brings the dead to life. His love transforms. His love rescues. His love frees. His love empowers. His love breathes hope into the darkness.

I decided to live in his love years ago and his love has never let me down. His love has never fallen short. His love has sustained me. His love – the love of Jesus – his love floods my soul with joy and peace unending.

His love makes me jump, and dance and sing. His love makes me believe. His love is everything to me. His love flows through me.

Because of his love, I can see how he sees. I can love others with my whole heart and never run dry. Because of his love, I am complete.

I desire God more than anything else in life because his love is the only thing that forever satisfies. His love is better and his love is free. His love is available to you in the same way it’s available to me.

Have you taken hold of his love on this day? I pray you receive his deep love for you.

There is not a soul on earth who God does not love. He loves everyone and each one. He desires for all of creation to know him as their greatest love – their one and only.

But in love, he waits for us to say yes to his proposal of life in love. Because he loves us, he lets us choose to live our life unashamedly in love with him.

Have you said yes? Do you know him? Do you know his love today?

I pray today you will be found in the matchless love of Christ. I pray today you will open your eyes to true life.


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