My soul is heavy, but still you carry me.

I am entangled in the lies, but still you set me free.

My spirit is weak, but still you strengthen me.

My eyes cannot see, but still you light the way for me.

I am broken, but still you heal me.

I am wounded, but still you comfort me.

My heart is torn, but still you counsel me.

I am in the presence of my enemy, but still you give me victory.

My insecurity is haunting me, but still you rescue me.


I hope in your promises, O God, for all your promises prove true.

You have armed me with strength for the battle.

You are a shield to all who look to you for protection.

You gave me victory over my accusers.

You reached down from heaven and rescued me.

You drew me out of deep waters.

You rescued me because you delight in me.

I love you, Lord; you are my strength.

The Lord, my God, lights up my darkness.

You show unfailing love to your anointed.

[Psalm 18]


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