Favored on the Journey

2013 was the hardest year of my life, but it led me to a dream come true.

The year kicked off with God challenging me to discover who I am as he sent me in a new direction. Along the road, I consistently jumped ahead of the journey in hopes of settling into my destiny.  With each rush landing, the Lord immediately grabbed me by the hand and pulled me back into the race he had marked out for me. Turns out, I expected a quick walk around the block, but God had signed me up for a half-marathon.

My entire identity was thrown into a blender, and I wasn’t sure if I would recognize or even like the end result. God was stripping me of everything I spent 23 years clothing myself with. Piece by piece, I was grieved and freed all at once. Everything I held so dear was actually robbing me of true life. Jesus peeled from my hands the accomplishments and pride I gathered, and he rescued my heart from the cultural envy and expectations I was drowning in.

I was desperately searching for something I could use to justify my existence to the world. My search always ended in rejection. God so badly wants my whole heart. Because of his jealous love for me, he will allow me to walk through whatever circumstances necessary to send me back into his arms.

Near the end of the year, I was worn and bruised, barely able to remain standing, let alone run in the race. Just before my strength gave way to the thirst that had long consumed me, Jesus filled me with his living water and set my feet on solid ground. When all I could see was Jesus through my tears and fears, he showed me the radiance of his hope.

God equips me with faith and he asks me to exercise it in obedience to his voice. As I take steps into a calling far greater than me, I am wrapped in the favor of the Lord and sent by his Spirit of truth. I am immeasurably grateful for the next field of destiny God has made a way for me to dance in. I am ready to see the seasons change as the Lord awakens a stunning field of flowers from the seeds he is going to give me the joy to plant.

I am moving to the Netherlands with great expectation for true friendships and life-giving relationships that will bloom in my two years there. Your prayers are cherished and as always, you are welcome to reach out to me for more insight into this new chapter of my story.

Isaiah 61:1


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