I Want

I want to see people know Jesus. I want the Spirit in me to help spark a desire for God in others. I want the freedom to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to the individual or the masses whenever the Spirit prompts me. I want the courage to pray for the soul of a total stranger simply because the Lord urged me to. I want every interaction of my every day to be Kingdom-driven. I want the world to taste and see the delight of Christ. I want to radiate the truth. I want to offer hope to those who are trapped in the darkness and do not know the way to peace. I want every breath of my life to be spent keeping in step with the Spirit as I not only point others to Jesus, but I personally introduce them to the love of my life. I want to encourage believers to quit hiding our past experiences of God’s forgiveness and restoration simply because it implies we have a “past.” I want to see the church spring up outside its walls. I want to see the energy and passion people exert in hatred toward God expressed in love for him. I want to see the bride of Christ fall in love with our Maker all over again each morning. I want to see people truly transformed by the Gospel. I want to participate in prayers founded on faith in the Creator God who is able. I want to see souls brought to life because they believe Jesus is the Son of God. I want the church to reek of justice and compassion. I want to leave the 99 to go after the one wholly because God so loves that one, he sent his Son to die for that one. I want to swim in the truth that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. I want to daily put on my new nature and be renewed as I learn to know my Creator and become like him. I want to be a girl so enamored with my King, I cannot help but be an instrument of love to all people of all nations. I yearn for every knee to bow down and every tongue to confess that Jesus is LORD.

Father, there is much that I want, but what do you want? More than anything, I want to follow you in faithful obedience until you bring me home to heaven. Please Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, convict my spirit and show me which way to walk. I trust you.


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