Sometimes I wake up from dreams with your hand in mine.

The feeling’s sublime – looking in your eyes.

Into the eyes of the unknown, for your face has not yet been shown, but I’m confident I am not alone.

The love that covers me when I sleep and when I rise is the love of Jesus masked in your disguise.

He’s all I need, but he’s all I desire.

For he’s filled me with a heart of fire that burns with passion both on the days when I feel silent, and throughout the nights I want to sing and shout.

This magnetic flame he has sparked will never die out.

I long to see his glory disintegrate the lies of this world.

Creation is shaming its maker and gasping for more.

But I’m telling you, beloved, what you’re looking for is here, what you’re longing for is near.

I promise you have nothing to fear, for the love of Christ is entirely sincere.

May you wake up from dreams with your hand in mine.

May you realize as you look into my unfamiliar eyes, there’s a greater love that has simply been disguised until tonight.

Do not fight anymore, for you were made to adore.

Surrender control to the only one who will make you whole.

Let him overwhelm your soul.

Goodnight, my love.

I pray someday you will stare at the stars above, and remember the days when you pushed and shoved against who you were made for – who you now declare “Savior.”

I pray God makes his home in you tonight.

I pray you let him be your delight.

I pray he gives you brand new sight.

Darling, I’ll pray for you my whole life.


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