Right Now

I have a world map hanging on the wall in my apartment next to my dining table to help remind me to actively pray for the nations. Today, while I was studying over my finance notes, I looked up at the map for just a moment, but my gaze was frozen. All of a sudden my heart beats quickened, my breaths deepened, and the tears began to rain down my face. My mind was immediately filled with images of people from every country in the world. Usually, when I pray for a country, I specifically lift up any local believers and missionaries that are present in the nation. I pray their light would shine bright in the darkness. Today was different. Today my heart broke for the dead: those who will die today who lived their whole life dead in their transgressions. Today I mourned over those who have not heard what I have heard – those who have not seen what I have seen: the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God is just. God is fair. God is sovereign. God is good. God has shown grace to me, a girl who deserves death. I pray He uses me to display His grace, rather than hide it in my heart. This is the word the Spirit led me to write in my finance notebook as I wept over the souls represented by the map of the world:

This world is dying
and I’m studying finance.
I’m reading about risk and return.
But I am not taking risks.
I am not living knowing Christ will return.
What if He came back today?
What would He find me doing?
Right now. Right this second.
I’m studying finance.
Right now. Right this second.
There are people
of all colors
of all nations
never knowing the name
above all other names:
That all the world
will know
His name.
For all who call upon the
name of the Lord
shall be saved.
This world is dying
and I’m studying finance.


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