Over the past few weeks the Lord has opened my eyes to see so much revealed truth – I could write a book about it (and maybe one day I will). But for now, all He is leading me to share with you is the prayer His Spirit laid on my heart as soon as He woke me up this morning. I pray God uses this prayer to draw you nearer to Him in unhindered adoration:

Wow Father, Psalm 105 is such a powerful testimony of your sovereign will and your care in every detail of your perfect plan.

Following you in obedience is sure to come with struggles and persecution, but your hand will guide me and protect me every step of the way.

You go before me and you follow behind me.

Your Spirit is with me wherever I go.

There is no place I can escape from your presence.

There is nothing that can separate me from your love.

You send your chosen people before me to accomplish your purposes.

You will send your chosen people behind me to further fulfill your plans.

God, I was orphaned in this world, alone in my sin, and you picked me and adopted me into your family when you called me your daughter.

You have chosen me because of your grace.

So out of your grace, I ask, Father, that you will send me as one of your chosen children to fulfill a piece of your greater purposes for your glory.

I want the rest of my life to be committed to one thing: TRUSTING YOU FOR THE GLORY OF YOUR NAME.

Whether my life concludes today, or if it extends further, I ask that out of your great wealth of strength and mercy, that you will reveal to me in every moment how to exist solely to TRUST YOU FOR THE GLORY OF YOUR NAME.

God, I believe that if my every breath brings forth that belief – all else will follow.

I will worship you.

I will tell of all the things you have done.

I will pray to you with faith.

I will daily pick up my cross and follow you.

I will love you, and therefore, love the world.

I will live justly, in a right relationship with you, and therefore, spread justice through righteousness in all I do around this earth.

When others see me – they will see Jesus.

When you see me – you see Jesus.

May my every step serve to TRUST IN YOU FOR THE GLORY OF YOUR NAME, meanwhile pointing others to you.

May the face of Christ, and the definition of grace – the Cross – be written all over me and all I do, speak, sing, pray, write, think, dream, and believe.

I am your masterpiece created in you to do good works which you have prepared in advance for me to do.

I want to forever trust in you with all my heart, and lean not on my own understanding. In all I do, speak, sing, pray, write, think, dream, and believe, I want to acknowledge you – for you alone make my paths straight.

You are the way, the truth, and the life – no one can come to the Father except through your Son, Jesus.

For it is by grace I have been saved, through faith, and this is not of myself – it is the gift of God – not by works, so that no one can boast.

I was bought with a price. I am no longer my own. I am yours.


I trust you Father.


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