The Lord awakened me in the middle of the night and enabled me to write this prayer. I felt compelled by the Spirit to share it with you:

Father, as I lie here awake in the late hours of the night, my small room gently lit by the light of the moon, my whole being is burdened with the reality of what is happening to millions of girls just like me tonight.

Never before have I truly put myself in the place of sexually trafficked girls, but as I look out into this small space, my mind is flooded with the emotions that are drowning so many girls tonight. Fear, anger, shame, addiction, hunger, hopelessness, insecurity, confusion, hatred, emptiness, pain, and abuse. I know those few emotional descriptions cannot measure the sorrow that weighs heavy in the hearts and minds of so many girls tonight.

I cannot act as though I know their story, because I don’t. I cannot act as though I’ve heard their story, because I haven’t. Father, I can’t even truly tell their story – because if I did, there would not be a dry eye or calm soul in the room, but rather, an army of warriors committed to fight for the freedom of the millions of girls around the globe trapped in slavery at this very moment.

Father, how can it be that the most beautiful gifts You have given Your children – love and intimacy – have been so radically warped to be the root of evil in the lives of so many these days? The picture of love that these girls have is so tainted with the darkness that the enemy and our flesh create. Your precious gift of sex that You have designed for a man and his wife to rejoice in the love that You have enabled them to share is no longer remotely similar to the original in countless lives tonight.

I live in a dark world, but You have shown me the light. So should I aim to stay in the light and never face the darkness that surrounds me? By no means! You have shown me Your light, so I may be the light of the world. Your light is so bright it can pierce through the darkest night. Your light can radiate and restore all that has been lying in the dark. You have broken me over Your creation, now let me rejoice!

There is nothing I can do on my own. Apart from You I am nothing. But may You give me a spirit of surrender to Your strength. Guide my every thought, word, and step. I don’t simply want to honor You in all I do. I want to fight for You in all I do. I am Your ambassador. I am Your daughter. I am Yours. Help me to live like it.


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